Joanna Newham

At Joanna Newham Skin Therapies, we are committed to creating skin that glows, radiates good skin health, targeting skin conditions and treating them effectively, efficiently and non invasively for long term results.

Owner Joanna Newham approaches her treatments with honesty, integrity and with a clear message 'we are all going to age, but lets age gracefully, with skin that glows through our lines and expressions'.

Joanna Newham is fast becoming a specialist in addressing skin concerns and the 'go to girl' on Sydney's Northern Beaches with proven results in Acne, Rosacea, Pigmentation and Ageing.

Prior to setting up her own spa in Avalon, Joanna previously worked at Sydney's exclusive Fifty Four Park Street Private Health Club and Spa and is a regular contributor to a number of Women's/Lifestyle glossy magazines.